O.K. to take candid photos of kids you don't know?

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Re: From personal experience it's not worth the hassle

The fact that this thread even exists is a sad reflection on today's fear-filled, paranoid society.

When I was a child and a young adult (in Australia) it was perfectly acceptable, even encouraged, to talk to people. We were, of course, warned not to get into a car with a stranger, etc., but a chat on a bus or in a public place was completely normal, everyday behaviour.

But now, even smiling at a child turns parents into irrational monsters.

The notion that merely talking to (or even looking at) a child means I want to have sex with that child is unbelievably offensive. I find that attitude completely obscene, and it's the parents who need to be questioned, not the innocent citizens who are merely being friendly to fellow human beings.

Where would such an idea come from, and what sick mentality must people have that makes them think I want to have sex with their child just because they are sitting opposite me on a bus and I give a friendly smile? I honestly can't fathom it.

Such an antisocial "always be suspicious of any friendly stranger" attitude is one of the prime causes of today's fragmented and alienated societies. And the problem seems to be getting worse as time goes on.

For example, my kids will miss out on having memories of their school sports days because I'm not allowed to take a photo unless I have the permission of every parent whose children might be in the background?

That is sick.

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