Hello, I'm coming into the D800 fold. My 1st full-frame DSLR! So excited!

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Re: My S5 Pro, too?!

huyzer wrote:

RedFox88 wrote:

Did it occur to you that the very outer focus points are not cross type and in low light of indoor lighting you may be focusing on an object that does not have a line in the orientation that the AF point is designed to focus on? e.g. horizontal window line and there's vertical sensitivity AF point.

Hi RedFox88,
It has occurred to me about the different orientation of the AF points, that's why I made an "X" with its 45 degree angles to the AF points. And in addition to that, I made a "box" around the "X".

Try simply focusing on things you have and move from horizontal lines to vertical lines.  Your home has both of these in abundance.  You can tell if it is focusing correctly by just this without getting into a scientific tripod test.  That would get to down to nit picking focus quality and if you feel it isn't within the acceptable accuracy for depth of field you can adjust the focusing through a camera setting.

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