ATTENTION: Could this be the Forum Solution???

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ATTENTION: Could this be the Forum Solution???

Could this be the Forum Solution???

Bobbert wrote in the "second rename POLL" from the MODS: I think there should be a PEN forum, and a combined SLR/OM forum recognizing that the OM series is the successor to the E-series.

Bobbert reasons sound logical to me, This is quite a good thought and brings me to the following idea: So the split could be simpel as logical as well:

First forum: | Olympus SLR/OM-D Talk | Now the included OM-D series as successor for the DSRL E-line garanteed that all the question about lenses etc. will turn out both sides. (That is a very good consequence).

Second forum:| Olympus Micro Four Thirds Talk | Here everything works fine and include the complete Micro 4/3 line including Olympus, Panasonic etc. (Nothing change that much)


So if you can find yourself in this, just say only I agree with this proposal. Then you can add something if you want.

Example to answer:

1.I agree with this proposal


3.If you don't agree, tell us just how the name or split there you should look and your reasons, Briefly please.

Thanks Lou

I certainly hope that this idea can be embraced as a solution and everyone who cares about this forum will react and of course the last words are to dpreview.

Message for the MODS: This idea wont walk in your way it just tries to help by narrowing options in a logical way.

(I don't no how it works out to the future, but it certainly helps the DSLR E-line to got slowly into the future of Micro 4/3)

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