HEY OLYMPUS! I’m irritated as %@&#!!!

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Re: HEY OLYMPUS! I’m irritated as %@&#!!!

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If the US was to buy more mirrorless cameras it would probably get higher priority.
Blame your fellow citizens

So that's it... I've yet to see anyone else using an M4/3 camera and I go out on excursions 3 or 4 times a week and most always see people lugging monster DSLRs around with two foot long telephoto lenses and leaden backpacks.

My wife and I are members at our local botanical center, and I was standing in line to get in earlier this summer behind a guy with this hideous footlong monstrosity draped around his neck. Curious to know what it was, I inched closer. I didn't ID the camera, but the lens said "70-200" on it. I looked down at my E-M5 with the Panasonic 35-100 attached and I thought, "is this what they mean by equivalent?"

This is all too funny.  Amazingly, in the last two months, I've encountered, "in the wild", 4 other guys packing E-M5's, with various lenses, 12, 17, or 45mm.  A couple of times I had the chance to say something like "that camera of yours shows you really know a lot about photography."  The guy looks puzzled, but then I pull my E-M5 out of the small bag it's in--once recognizing my camera, the guy agrees and laughter follows.

Before a few months ago, only rarely saw any mFT out there.  I do see a lot of DSLRs.  The other day encountered a guy carrying this DSLR, armed with a camouflaged 500mm lens.  I asked how it was going, he says "everything goes by so quickly".  He concurred my 45mm was a better choice.  He didn't seem interested in hearing more detail...


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