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Re: Well, it depends on what attracts you to the E-M1

Macx wrote:

Is it the splash-/dust-/frost-proofing?

Is it the "wireless tethering"?

Is it the large viewfinder?

Is it all the buttons?

Is it the image stabilisation?

Is it the sensor performance?

Is it the frames per second?

Is it the auto-focus system?

Is it the looks?

Is it the price?

There are lots of alternatives to the E-M1, but you need to tell us what's important to you.


But then, I think the failure of people to really consider all these and other factors is why people end up with "someone else's camera". By that I mean they end up with a great camera based on listening to the recommendations of someone else that might not really be the best camera for them.

I'm an Olympus user, but I'm not wedded to the brand to the point of not considering other options. At this point in time, the EM1, with both current and upcoming lenses, offers the best set of features (in both body and lenses) for my personal goals and needs at this time.

Most of my work is performance photography. There are certain expectations in that genre, yet some of those expectations are not set in stone. Conventional wisdom of the past few years says that my best choice would be a FF kit. As true as that may be, my personal way of working, together with aspects of the venue where I am on staff, lend toward a smaller, less obtrusive body and lenses.

With compactness in mind, alternatives to the EM1 for me would be the Panasonic G6 and/or GX7, or the latest NEX bodies that include EVF.

In regards to IQ performance, it would be a toss up between the Nikon D600 and Canon 6D, with the Nikon D7100, perhaps the Canon 70D or even the Sony SLT A58 as APS-C alternatives.

The bottom line is that deciding on a camera involves a series of factors that are often subjective. What good is owning a camera kit that has the best IQ if you feel it is too unwieldy to be comfortable using. Frankly, the EM1 and other comparably featured/priced cameras are more camera than 95% of the people out there actually need.

Most people need is just a smartphone not a camera, definitely there will be less and less players in the camera market in the near future.

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