HEY OLYMPUS! I’m irritated as %@&#!!!

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Paul Amyes
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Re: HEY OLYMPUS! I’m irritated as %@&#!!!

Take heart that it isn't available in a kit or otherwise here in Oz. But it's nice to see our American friends suffer the same sort of problems we have. Just relax, buy the new iPhone, you can get it with a plan for $99 I'd have to stump up $800 AUD for it. Buy some software, Adobe products are double here what they are in the US. Buy a video or an album off of iTunes for 1/2 the price we pay. And books don't get me started about books, books that cost $30 in the States regularly go for over $100 AUD here.

Have you tried throwing yourself on the floor in the middle of your local camera store banging your hands and feet on the floor and holding your breath till you turn blue? I'll let you in on a little secret I've tried and it doesn't work the staff just post the video on youtube. 

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