Dilemma: A99 vs new Olympus E-M1

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Re: Dilemma: A99 vs new Olympus E-M1

Glenn wrote:

get a NEX .. any of them with the amount adaptor and still use all your a99 lenses, There are even a couple of e-mount Zeiss lenses and it's a lot more portable than the Oly with a larger sensor.

No NEX as of yet has IBIS. No A mount lens (aside from one or two sigmas) has IS. This means no IS of any sort with E-A mount combo. Without IS, you loose the sensor advantage very quickly, except for DOF control, where the 2/3rd stop difference between systems is marginal at best, sure M43 vs FF the sensor difference is significant, but not APS-C. Not all e-mount lenses have IBIS either.

All lenses on M43 on the other hand (even manual focus lenses, or Sony a mount lenses) can use the best in the industry IBIS of the OMD cameras.

A NEX body may be smaller than a M43 body in certain comparisons, but can you take a photo with body only? With virtually any comparable lens the M43 combo is smaller/lighter, and native M43 lenses on an M43 combo is obviously much smaller than A mount lenses adapted to NEX.

I shoot both Sony DSLRS and M43rds, and using A mount lenses on a mirrorless, there just isn't much point to it for me. Once you throw on the big bulky adapter, and the big bulky lens, you have a big bulky camera, no matter how small the NEX body only is. At that point, I will always prefer the ergonomics of a proper DSLR.

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