Hello, I'm coming into the D800 fold. My 1st full-frame DSLR! So excited!

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Re: You are in for a treat :-)

Grevture wrote:

Service up and beyond duty

Keep in mind the count the camera displays is sort of 'worst case scenario', and usually you actually get 1.5 or 2 times as many images on the card.

The reason for this discrepancy is that unlike Fujifilm, Nikon uses a rather efficient compression (lossless) of the raw files, meaning the file sizes will vary considerably depending on what is in the image (a image with lots of blue skye will for example compress a lot more then a image with large areas filled with detailsi). And the count you see is based on the largest possible files.

Thanks! Ah, yes. I read a little about that after your comment. I saw it in my files too. As it did get more than the 23 I was seeing as its guesstimate. It ended up actually being 34 .NEFs, and those were uncompressed, averaging around 74MB a file.

Again, considering you probably got 25 megabyte raw files from your S5 Pro, the ~35 megabyte files from the D800 will only mean roughly 40% more storage needs

I've since changed to lossless compression, and basic jpeg (and Size Priority jpeg compression at that, and Small not Large. I'm amazed how small. It's averaging about 900 KB vs. 2-7MBs). This will save me considerable room.

Now, it's time to look at the RAWs, and see how they are. Also, I have to test the left focus point, and read up some more on what types of lens and aperture affects it the most.

My first order of business with AF would rather be to get to know it. The AF system in the D800 is generally speaking easy to use, and it is one of the very best systems out there - the same as in the professional sports/PJ D4 and fairly close in performance to Canons top AF system (the one used in Eos 1Dx and Eos 5D Mk3). So you now have one of the best AF systems on the market at your disposal.

Definitely cool to know.  I don't mind it being one of the best. ...less the left sensor fault, which I have yet to verify if I have that issue in my specific camera.

Its overall behaviour should not be very different from the one you had in S5 Pro (which is the same AF as the Nikon D200), but it has some more settings, and if you accidentally get it into automatic mode, its behaviour can appear confusing

Oh.. if only my LCD display in the viewfinder didn't "break".  The liquid crystal section in the lower right quadrant is darkened (when not half-pressed)/brighten(red when half-pressed), and selecting the focus points is not visible.  So I just locked it on center by using the panel on top of the camera, and left it at that.  Focus, recompose, focus, recompose. haha.

Good luck, and happy shooting!

Thank you!  I'll upload a few favorites thus far (after I edit some, and then I'll reply to myself with "Some images", or the like.  And I'm in LOVE with the shallow D.O.F. of the video footage!!!!  I've been anxiously waiting, for when I could afford an video capable DSLR.  I can almost say that's what I'm most excited about.

Take care, and thanks for all the feedback.


P.S.  Here's a noobish question, of which I'm just verifying.  But, all the Menu settings under the second icon (the camera), only affects the Jpegs, not the .NEF raws, correct?  Raw is just that, without any adjustments such as Color Space, Active D-Lighting, Vignette Control, Long Exposure NR, High ISO NR.

Though, I do wonder about the White Balance.  Perhaps that does get written in, and then it defaults to it in LightRoom/Camera Raw/Photoshop.

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