Dilemma: A99 vs new Olympus E-M1

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Thomas Karlmann
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FF vs. m4/3? Take a look further down that path to FZ200!

This guy in the link below is making some terrific shots with the Tiny-Sensored FZ200. This camera is no slouch as long as ISO is <= 400, careful shooting, etc. For that you get 25-600mm at constant f2.8. Why am I going on about this here?  It's the Goldilocks Scenario!

FF (Papa Bear): Largest & best IQ; most expensive, heaviest.  I need this type of system for my Pro-Wedding work -- but I'm also looking to someday lighten my load.  Ugh!

m4/3 (Mama Bear): 1/2 weight of FF, smaller. IQ? Thom Hogan uses an m4/3 system for his landscape work. Lenses are available that have the same pro-spec as the 24-70/f2.8, 70-200/f2.8 and soon-to-come a Leica equiv. 85/f1.2 (Goldie's Choice?)

FZ200 (Baby Bear): Obviously way different in IQ, size & weight. Most folks on this forum will decidedly poo-poo even comparing to this camera. To that I say look here & judge for yourself:


Make sure to look at this guy's entire series on the FZ200. In the link above he describes how the FZ200 allows one to focus using Hyperfocal distances -- displayed in the EVF! Remember Hyperfocal distance focusing from film days? -- its back -- for FZ200 owners.  In one of his videos, the guy shows a 20x24 print made from an FZ200.

So, reason here is, if a certain quality level can be had with an FZ200 -- that look great to me -- then Goldilocks (Didn't know she was a Photographer, did you? Me neither!) might just choose the m4/3 system for even better IQ than the FZ200. Isn't FF even better? Of course it is. Your question again -- how good do you need for what you do with your cameras?

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