How many GH3 owners considering OMD EM1

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Re: How many GH3 owners considering OMD EM1

SirSeth wrote:

Mike Ronesia wrote:

Nikon D700 wrote:

For thoes of you that own the Panasonic GH3, I'm curious to know how many of you are considering purchasing the OMD EM1 and why?

That or have 4/3rds lenses.

While I agree that changing from GH3 to E-M1 may not be compelling due the already solid package you've got, it's totally different for folks upgrading from something older.



Yes that would matter, IF that was the question the OP asked, but it wasn't. There are other threads for that. The OP asked a simple strait forward question and I answered it. It is his thread, why would I want to interject off topic comments that have nothing to do with the question. To insure the Oly wins? Is it that important to people that Oly wins? It's OK for people to have an opinion that doesn't end with Oly is best. Why must Panny users always defend ourselves on this forum?

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