HEY OLYMPUS! I’m irritated as %@&#!!!

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Know what you mean.

FrankParis wrote:

3DrJ wrote:

This little bit of history suggests a "kit" offer will likely be forthcoming early next year. It may sooner, need to keep an ear to the ground to catch the opportunity.

Yeah, well, I'm 71 years old and although healthy and very active, at my age you never know. I'm living to the hilt for all I'm worth (literally). I want it now because I may not be here tomorrow, and for who knows why?

Daresay, at ANY age, who knows what happens or why. Too many friends and family have gone all too soon. It ain't the time we have left, it's what we do with it.

The E-M1 looks like it will be great. Go for it, I know I will. Damn it though, Oly isn't going to make the lens appear just because I want it. January will arrive all to soon anyway, I'm keeping a Good Thought I'll be around to enjoy it.

What you're saying, I'd take to mean if no "kit" for months, what the hell, spend the extra $200, get the 12-40 later when it is available. What merit is there in self-deprivation? Enjoy what's there now. Spending the additional $200 or $400 or whatever means nothing by comparison.

BTW, my reserves are at Pro Photo Supply, where I've spent thousands and thousands over the years, almost all of it from early reserves I've made. What a great brick and mortar camera store they are, got to be one of the best remaining in the country.

Last time I stopped in there, made a similar remark to the guy at the cash register, but he didn't react. Maybe good training. (Or maybe "heavy spenders" aren't rare.) It's OK, having been photographing for more than half a century, I really prefer not dwelling on the total I've spent on photo gear.

What a coincidence, as I write, half out the door, overdue for a trip to that very self-same Mother Source.  Or rather more accurately, Mother Drain.

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