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ZodiacPhoto wrote:

Donald Chin wrote:

Just curious, in which way you think OM-D E-M1 can compete with camera like 1Dx or D4?


I will gladly explain.

I was considering E-M1 very seriously. I am a Canon DSLR shooter, and have a few good lenses. I am also a M4/3 user. I was waiting for a M4/3 camera which would provide reasonably fast (PDAF) focusing on moving targets. If E-M1 would do everything I need, I was prepared to sell my Canon gear and expand my M4/3 system. I am getting older, and caring Canon with a few lenses hurts my shoulders and neck.

But Olympus disappointed me by not including a built-in flash. I use pop-up flash a lot - not as a main lighting device, but for back-lit scenes, for dealing with harsh lighting and high contrast, or to light up the foreground in landscape. Of course, I use a flash gun for more demanding situations, but when I would like to travel light, a pop-up flash is a must for me - especially in the system which advantage is low weight and size. E-M1 already has a "hump" for the viewfinder, so it should be not a big deal to make it a bit wider to accommodate the flash.

The funny part is, when I asked the question at M4/3 forum, most replies were, basically, that E-M1 is a "professional" camera, and, therefore, does not need built-in flash. Seriously? I should conclude, then, that E-M1 competes with 1Dx and D4 - the high-end professional full-frame DSLRs without pop-up flash. Obviously, E-M1 is ranked way higher than D800 and D600, not even talking about something like D7100 or 70D, all of which have the flash.

Therefore, the money Olympus would get will be split between Canon (for 70D) and that company which makes Ibuprofen

Flash photography is an extremely important part of photography and any experienced photographer knows this.

Just the same, the small built-in flash units are not put on many cameras because those small flash units are considered more of an armature feature than a necessary feature.

People serious enough about photography to spend a couple thousand dollars on a camera and a good lens or two, will usually want to buy a proper flash for their camera and aren't interested in the small pop up flashes.

Naturally, there are many people who say they won't buy a camera without the built-in flash and that's OK because there are cameras made for every level of photography.

There are also people who don't think they need a flash and that's also OK, because as long as they're happy with their pictures, that's all that counts.

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