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Thom Hogan: "Nikon is now officially a follower"

Wow he just unleashed a scathing attack on Nikon's absolute train wreck of a product strategy. The general thrust of the article is that Nikon is not expanding, not innovating, not keeping up with advances in photography technology (*cough* MIRRORLESS *cough*) and generally allowing other makers like Sony and Olympus to pass them by. And this is coming from possibly the preeminent authority on all things Nikon and an expert on photography and gear in general. Here are some of the most damning quotes from the article:

  • "Sony is pushing firmly into new territory that Nikon simply hasn't really entered yet"
  • "New mirrorless stuff? No play. If all this "no play" stays intact for a few months, Christmas will be very Sonyish this year for many"
  • FX line is "a bunch of one-offs"; D800E was an "insipid variation"
  • "If Olympus had been aggressive in pricing, the D7100 would have been toast this Christmas. Even with Olympus' pricing, a lot of folk are experiencing a strong temptation to pay more for less (size and weight)."
  • "So far Nikon has issued more press releases for awards received for products this year than for lenses."
  • "Sales receipts indicate that the three-year old D3100 was the leading seller in July. No wonder Nikon has slowed down: they're still trying to sell discontinued cameras."
  • Nikon is "becoming even less hip, less leading edge, less inventive, and less quick lately."
  • "The crap at the bottom, perfection at the top strategy has got to end."
  • Nikon 1 "is overpriced and under performs...this is a fatal combination"
  • "The huge response to the Olympus E-M1 is just the first round of DX users looking elsewhere and finding what they want."
  • "DSLRs won't be SLRs for much longer. The mirror and optical path will go away soon, if for no other reason than to reduce cost and complexity. At this point I'll be surprised if the D5 in August 2015 has a mirror."
  • "Something is seriously wrong within Nikon, as too many decisions they're making just aren't resonating with the user base and are sending the wrong messages."

Wow! That has got to be among the most searing indictments ever of a major camera maker from a highly respected photographer and industry insider. Nikon is in real trouble and the next two months for them could be make or break for the future of the company.

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