How many GH3 owners considering OMD EM1

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Re: How many GH3 owners considering OMD EM1

The response to what is an innocent question is unbelievable. So negative and defensive! I suspect it would be the same response if someone should pose a question to DSLR users whether they are considering M43.

Of course video is important to people who bought the GH3 but I don't believe that all GH3 owners shoot video all the time and seldom shoot stills.

For a GH3 user, an E-M1, which does not necessarily mean a replacement for the GH3, but an additional camera, provides many advantages. There are 10 of them:

1. A much better EVF. It's large, better quality, and glass wearer friendly.

2. 1/8000 sec shutter

3. Better weatherproofing (freezing)

4. Better build though lighter

5. Better IQ with no AA filter (no solid proof yet but even E-M5 is better then GH3)

6. Use of super high grade 43 lenses

7. Better AF

8. 5-axis IBIS (ability to use of ALL mounted lenses with stabilisation)

9. Focus Peaking

10. Better continuous shooting

Relax GH3 users, those who do not see anything special about the E-M1. Nobody is forcing you to buy it.

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