Picassa Comprimised, Flickr Sucks

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Re: Solved!!

I can understand what the OP is griping about. If you have an Android phone and pics on Picasa, you can't get the thumbnails off the phone and the minute you sync, they are right back. I belong to a couple of Android forums and that is a major complaint.

You cannot delete only one part of Google. I did have Blogger, and used Picasa at one time, have deleted everything from both, but can only delete main account. Since I do have the phone and all the purchased apps are there, I am loath to do that.

The revisions to Yahoo are pretty much doing the same thing. I belonged to a couple of Flickr groups, left the damn groups about 5 times and still get spam from them. You used to have to log into Flickr independently, now you can do it from the Mail page. The only ones I can unjoin separately is groups, and those are the ones I use most. Yahoo mail is given out to those I think might spam.

Like the OP, I don't want to put all eggs in one basket. I also don't need a printed photo book, don't want to sell any pictures, don't care what anyone thinks about the quality, all I really need is a place to store some just for a link to some fora.

If 500PX does this, I might try it.

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