Why so few '50mm f1.4' equiv lenses for OM-D system?

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Re: Why so few '50mm f1.4' equiv lenses for OM-D system?

nikstanbridge wrote:

After a lifetime of SLR ownership that started with a s/h OM-1 bought in 1981 for £100 (I was a student... that was a LOT of money) I'm moving on and minimalising. And selling my 5D (and 4 lenses). And I'm moving to MFT (or similar... X-Pro1 mebbe).

What I can't fathom though is that there is a dearth of 'standard' lenses for the OM-D system (I'm looking at the EM1 here etc). Assuming that what I want is a 25mm lens, why doesn't Olympus offer one (for starters)?

I know that I can get an adaptor and fit 'any' lens... but that's a compromise surely?

The product manager at Olympus will have made a conscious decision not to offer a 25mm lens. Why? I want my new system to be based on prime lenses. Is this then not the system for me?

The X-Pro1 system (not mft I know) is well served with prime lenses (or, more realistically, those guys are all talking about how to add weird and wonderful primes to the X system cameras).

Where to go from here?

Panasonic Leica 1.4

Voigtlander 0.95

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