HEY OLYMPUS! I’m irritated as %@&#!!!

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Moti wrote:

3DrJ wrote:

IRRITATING. When reading that in Europe (weirdly, not in ALL EU countries), the intro offer included rebate on the HLD-7 grip. Over here in N. America, rebate was only for the MMF3 (already have it) or FL300R flash I'd hardly need, but not the grip which would be far more useful for whole lot more buyers. It's a PRO camera, after all.

And ME TOO, I still don't feel any better about it. At all.

You guys can't see further than the edge of your nose so let's make a small calculation.

The price of the kit with the 12-40 mm in Europe is 2,300 euros.

the same kit in the US csts 2,100 $ which is roughly 1,600 euro or in other words, 930$ less than us and you still complain?

Now, even with the free grip, I'd gladly change with you and you can have the grip.


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Maybe I wasn't clear enough. I wasn't commenting on price disparities among regions. I really don't know the basis of chronically higher costs in Europe, and I surely wouldn't try to explain it. (It certainly seems unfair, but that topic is orthogonal to my complaint.)

In other words, introductory rebates are a separate issue. Thing is, some kind of rebate is offered in each region, and the items have a retail value that is approximately equal.

In N. America, it's the MMF3 or FL300R, retail price of these is ~$200. But the HLD7 also retails for $200. All 3 are worth about the same. Which accessory qualifies for rebate does NOT change the overall price, or value received.

Hence my GRIPE is that the HLD7 is IMO by far the most useful of the three, and most likely to appeal to "pro" buyers, who are the target market for the E-M1. It makes no sense to me that it's offered "over there" and not here since the cost to Olympus would probably not matter.

But it might very well matter a LOT to prospective purchasers.  I have to regard it as an unnecessarily stupid policy.  Why not offer a rebate on any of the 3 accessories in all regions?  Better customer relations with essentially no difference in cost to Olympus, would seem a whole lot smarter.


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