E-5 in Antarctica

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Re: E-5 in Antarctica

battybob wrote:

Great set of pictures. The pain is worth the effort when you can look back on images this good. You are lucky to have gone there. Which ship were you on and where did you go to in Argentina ? Very impressed with captures 3 and 4. Can you say if these were captured as one of a sequence as so hard to predict when something comes out of the deep. Also curious about which exposure and focus modes you used. The exposure compensation is not showing on exif if plus or minus, assume plus ? . Sorry for all the questions, but genuinly interested.

Hi, thanks for the feedback.

The ship was the Akademik Vavilov, run by OneOcean Expeditions - highly recommended. Shots 3 and 4 are from the same zodiac outing, but different whales. There were a lot of humpbacks around, and you could start to anticipate their beviour. For exposure I was always in A mode, or rather my own custom mode based on aperture priority. Usually S-AF, because I'm not very good at using C-AF, and anyway I very, very rarely use multiple shot drive mode. Tbe exposure comp would always be positive. Like pretty much all cameras, the E-5 underexposes snow...

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