The smoking man in Seoul by Pascal Riben

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Pascal Riben
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Re: The smoking man in Seoul by Pascal Riben

bosjohn wrote:

Pascal Riben wrote:

Click a link to see the ORIGINAL SIZE WITH EXIF or the MANY FACES FROM FAR EAST gallery

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I am not sure where your going with this. Its like two seperate pics the man smoking and the I am guessing wedding garments in the window. I want to make a connection but my eye ends up trying to figure out if the marks on the pillar are intentional, vandalism, or some taring misshap. but after all that I still Like this image. Maybe it is just that the disparity between the elements which are very formal attaire in the store, strange markings on the pillar and a very casually dressed man smoking.

Very interesting the joury hehheh is still out on this one

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bosjohn aka John Shick

Time to sleep for me: I howe I won't have nightmare about the verdict...:-|

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