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Re: The Lion and the Lamb

RoelHendrickx wrote:

A Las Vegas street photo

(shot at that vague hour between the end of the evening/night and the beginning of a new day - although that distinction and period may be a bit less clear in Sin City than it is elsewhere) :

Hi there Roel,

A slow saturday evening here, for different reasons bound to be at home doing nothing. I decided to check in here, very happy to see the thread still running and work as it used to do - what a pleasure to post an image and get some constructive critique, no?!

I see the forum is busy as usual defending itself against and the Olympus products against everything and everybody. Some images here were a pleasure for a change.

Yes, your image is a pleasure despite you having caught one of the sad sides of mankind. Or two sides. As you got a bunch of positives already I won't repeat all the good things about your image but instead tell you I find the saturation of the golden parts of the lion a bit on the low side. (The man's skin tone is surely due to the hour of the day and it's OK considering the sad state he is in anyway...) With more golden boost I think the contrast would become stronger and the image as a whole more balanced between upper (lion) and lower (lamb) parts.

And hey, the frame... does it have to be that complicated, I mean advanced? When looking at the original it somehow doesn't work very well as a frame keeping the image together but instead another element adding to the image elements moving away and out from image. It works better in the small size we see when first opening the post but that is no size really, is it?

Ah, you do whatever you wish with this negativities, as anyone should, they are just an opinion.

I wish you and anyone else remembering me from my Olympus SLR days here all the best!


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