E-5 in Antarctica

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Re: E-5 in Antarctica

Wonderful David, I can't get my eyes off those beautiful images, the best I've seen from that amazing continent so far. Really, really great.



davidrm wrote:

Back in January I spent two weeks on an Antarctic cruise. For what it's worth, there were about 85 passengers on board, and only 1 (me) had an Olympus brand camera. Now & then I wished it was a little less cumbersome, but then when I saw how much more cumbersome Canikons with equivalent lenses were, and how many of those when kaput in the rain, seaspray and snow, well I felt a little happier. And although my photography is not to everybody's taste, I can't say that any deficiencies are down to the E-5, 12-60, 50-200 and 150 lenses.

If I was going again tomorrow, the E-5 would be just fine.

AF-C worked fine here. Who says penguins can't fly, and Olympus can't do AF ?

On the same trip I spent about a month travelling around in Argentina, and there I really sometimes regretted not bringing my m43 kit (or buying an E-M5 as I considered) instead. But even then, there were times when the long, fast telephoto range of 4/3 was irreplaceable. Just in cities, I prefer something more discrete.

Would a Nikon D800E with similar grade lenses have been better ? No, because if I'd bought that I wouldn't have been able to afford the trip. And it wouldn't have fitted in an Aerolineas Argentinas carry-on approved bag.

Conclusion: if you really need the features that an E-5 provides, it's worth the trade-offs.

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