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I really didn't mean to continue this conversation but there are several entries that imply that there is a legal ramification to misusing the term MSRP in the US. I refer those to the Wikipedia entry and to this site which says “The MSRP has gone the way of the dodo bird. …. “


If you have a better reference I'd like to read it.... Now I've probably been a customer as long or longer than you have been a seller. My memory is that several decades ago deep discounters were damaging sales of local merchants and, of course, wholesalers. Manufactures argued that these discounters hurt the consumer because they couldn't provide the service that their customers deserved and they tried to enforce a minimum price by denying product to those discounters. This restrained trade and was. if I remember correctly. the topic of a congressional hearing and ultimately by the courts and led to the concept of MSRP. If you have a different memory or documented history please share, as I've also been around long enough that my memory can be faulty...

MSRP, to me, represents the minimum price that the manufacturer(M) or distributor(D), or, whoever is setting the MSRP, desires. I'm not sure that the M or D care if the seller sets a higher price and I may be mistaken in believing that I have seen the term MSRP associated with prices higher than those found in the M's literature, as we have in the case the OP sites... I also am not sure what penalty the M can extract from a seller who misrepresents the MSRP or sell below that price without authorization but since a number of products seem to maintain their price I assumed that the M could remove that merchant as a authorized seller and not provide product to him.. However, I'm still unaware of any legal penalty or requirement associated with MSRP (although it wouldn't surprise me to find some state or city has enacted one.) . ... However, if your reference isn't too long or dense I'll gladly read it and change my opinion.... I'm not that old or stubborn.

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