Beauty School Coworkers - C&C welcome

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Re: Beauty School Coworkers - C&C welcome


I'm not sure if I know any more or less than you do however I do
know what I like and don't like to see.

I see a decent set of 8 happy smiling faces. While the backgrounds
were totally OOF they mostly (outside of Sara, the white 'bubbles' at the top is a bit distracting) provided a nice contrasting color to what the subject was wearing. Good color+contrast
throughout. Good crops. Nicely done set of images.

I like the lighting and the eyes on all of them. The poses work in
all but Ruben's image. Somehow his glasses look funny tilted/offset
and the light+shadows on the top of his head seem odd to me.

I'd have to agree with the other commenter about the limited DOF. A
'beauty school' series of images I'd like to see the entire face AND
exspecially all the hair in sharp focus - I want to see details of
the hair styles the instructors are wearing (if of course they have

If shot stopped down a bit these people would 'pop' off the background. Then again its almost sacreligous to operate/use a 135L at anything but F2.0.

The other schools P&S images are going to look pretty sucky compared to these.

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