How many GH3 owners considering OMD EM1

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Re: How many GH3 owners considering OMD EM1

Nikon D700 wrote:

For thoes of you that own the Panasonic GH3, I'm curious to know how many of you are considering purchasing the OMD EM1 and why?

I have per-ordered the E-M1 for a number of reasons to do with its feature set .Looking at the RAW files from the E-M1 there is no jump in image quality but it is an impressive machine in almost every way. I was intending to replace my GH3 with it but the E-M1 looks to be less effective for video meaning the GX7 will be on my list

.After a bit of toing and froing I will be selling off a some of my mFT kit ,GH3/E-M5 /12-35mm,/100-300mm and probably the 50-200swd {though i am waiting to see how it AF works on the EM1} which I may replace with the 150mm when it comes along.

I will be rationalising my kit, I hope to end up with an E-M1 and a GX7 { which I will use for video and with primes for a small go to kit} lens wise the 12-40,35-100 ,14,25,75 and 60 macro with either the 50-200 or 150mm.That covers all my bases .This make for me an excellent mFT set up and I do not see myself upgrading for a long time  till there is a significant development in sensor tech .

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