Another suggestion for forum direction

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Another suggestion for forum direction

Since Olympus has come up with a new line of M43 lenses called the PRO series... map for four of them right now... and they don't necessarily replace HG/SHG lenses as much as fill in gaps between HG and SHG... (that 100-350 sounds very nice)

Since these lenses appear to be at least in the vicinity of HG ZD in quality, aperture, and price...

Since just about anyone who is using 4/3 gear today is using HG and/or SHG glass...

Since the IQ of the ZD lenses is the reason most of us have stayed with the 4/3 system...

Since the person who would come up with the hefty price for a PRO lens is probably more interested in photo technique and beautiful images than technobabble, just like the average 1022 resident...

How about renaming this the Olympus DSLR and PRO forum?

Certainly, the type of person interested in the expensive PRO lenses would fit in quite nicely, and they would be delighted to find a group that shared a common interest. Plus, the PRO lens buyer would also be very interested in the IQ that they can get on an EM1 by using HG and SHG glass.

And because this is a rather genteel group, who didn't explode into fanboy wars when Panasonic brought out the L1, L10, and PL lens series, I would expect it to welcome owners of the high end Panasonic glass as well. The upcoming 150 F2.8 looks interesting.

Sounds like a win all around.

This forum draws in some new members who share the same common passion for exquisite optics and beautiful photographs as most of the current members, so it doesn't fade into obscurity like the Kodak DSLR and Minolta forums.

The M43 owners interested in very high image quality and beautiful compositions get a place where their discussions aren't swamped by fanboy wars and techno-spats. Tedious, very tedious...

Plus, current 4/3 owners get to see what this new EM1 and the PRO lenses can do. Tell me you aren't interested in that. This might not be such a bad direction, after all.

Or, we could be gauche and call it the 'one beautiful forum'...

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