How many GH3 owners considering OMD EM1

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Spot on, as always (nt)

SirSeth wrote:

I don't own either, but would consider them both to be the top of the Micro4/3rds food chain, so I don't see why the original question isn't worth discussing.

To be purely academic, here are some things that might persuade some to spend extra on a E-M1--especially if video isn't the main gig:

1. Top shutter speed of 1/8000 as opposed to 1/4000.

2. Deeper buffer (I hear 60 RAW. GH3 is 30-40 RAW before a slow down I hear--depending on card).

3. Better weather sealing.

4. Super-sonic wave filter.

5. 5-axis Image Stabilization good for all lenses, including legacy and macro lenses.

6. Dual AF with more advanced AF-tracking with all lenses than previous mirrorless.

7. Better IQ (remains to be seen, but initial tests look extremely good).

8. Suddenly gaining access to a beautiful set of amazing Zuiko zooms that are very nicely priced right now thanks to a 4/3rds price depression in the wake of abandonment of traditional SLR designs.

9. Higher max ISO (if that matters to ya).

10. Focus Peaking. (GH3 might get this in firmware... maybe).

11. Much higher resolution LCD and viewfinder on E-M1.

12. 10fps vs. 6fps at full resolution.

13. Physically the EM1 is a bit smaller than the GH3.

My only disappointments with what I see with the EM1 so far is the underdeveloped video specs. They could have gone bigger with that aspect. I greatly desire dual card slots and neither of these cameras do that. And lastly the EM1 needs a better battery--I don't know for sure, but it appears that the vertical grip only adds one extra battery. It should be double slotted. I want 1000 shots here.

The GH3 wins in some respects for sure.

a. Video options and quality.

b. Tilt-swivel LCD vs. just tilt.

c. Better battery and a vertical grip with two battery slots.

d. Flash on-board if that matters to you.

Since many of you do shoot a lot of video, maybe you can tell me. What sucks about the video of the EM1. We haven't seen the quality yet right? Previous Olympus cameras had no mic out, so that is remedied. I get that that is a must. Is it simply frame rates? I know people seem to love 25/24fps because it's cinema standards, but does that mean you can't get good video with the EM1 frame rates?

Personally, the EM1 has a much higher attraction for me because own 4/3rds Zuiko lenses that I really like. Access to 4/3rds zooms + micro primes + legacy glass is very powerful to my way of thinking. But I also think there are significant pluses in the list above that make the EM1 quite an attractive package and they are not much different in price. $200ish.

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