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Re: Beauty School Coworkers - C&C welcome


I do like your shots. the depth of field is shallow, but good! I really like it and the focus is right (on the eyes) too. there are no weird shadows, so you did a good job in lightning.

My favourite shot is Lauren, it looks as if you were a little bit higher and she had to look up into the camera. Also I like the amount of contrast in her picture. Yet I see you that in that shot you tried to capture the entire head, while I think that the hair is not all that important, so I would have probably chosen a shot where there is a little bit more of the body to see and the top of her hair is almost out of the picture. Only a few centimeters though

The picture with Cecillia I see that the face is off-centre, while I feel that her face should have been in the center.

Then here are a couple of pictures where the face looks a little bit flat, i.e. sharon. the exposure is a little bit on the high side, but fine, but due to less contrast I think you are getting this flat look.

the picture of shelby should also have been taken outside, since it is in the same series.

Hope my comments help you.

DCM1024 wrote:

The director of our school asked me to take head shots of the staff at our campus for an upcoming employee directory. We decided to have fun with it since I have a 5D3 and 135L, while the other schools will be submitting photos using p&s cameras. I don't consider myself a pro at editing, so any comments and suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I normally don't use Portrait Professional anymore, but decided to this time as the director has a very round face and I wanted to show her what a bit of sculpting could do. I am also an instructor at the school.

Chelsea - Admissions/Licensed Cosmetologist

Lauren - Cosmetology Instructor

Cecilia - Cosmetology Instructor

Ashlee - Cosmetology Instructor

Ruben - Cosmetology Instructor

Sara - Front Desk

Sharon - Director

Shelby - Front Desk/Licensed Cosmetologist

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