How many GH3 owners considering OMD EM1

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Re: How many GH3 owners considering OMD EM1

Nikon D700 wrote:

For thoes of you that own the Panasonic GH3, I'm curious to know how many of you are considering purchasing the OMD EM1 and why?

There are a couple of reasons I would consider it. IQ is not one of them because they are both about the same and close enough for anyone that is more interested in taking pictures then comparing cameras. Video is also not an issue as I bought the GH3 because it was the best Stills M4/3's camera available when it came out. (This may be debatable for some, but for me the EM5 is not what I wanted for my type of photography.

Things I like about the EM1 that the GH3 doesn't have.

One touch WB (I'd use this all the time, I must have set WB 20 times last night)

Possibly better weather sealing (can't have too much of this where I live)

1/8000 (Really like this)

1/340 (Really like this)

IBIS (It's not important, but it is there)

Things that hold me back

Screen doesn't flip out and fold inwards

No built in flash

Oly menu system

Price ( Not that it's unreasonable, Just too much to justify the differences.)

Small battery

My take is, unless you have money to burn there is nothing worthy of changing for.

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