EM1 vs EM5 on Camera Size Comparison website.

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Re: EM1 vs Canon SL1/100D Size comparison

justmeMN wrote:


They are in different price classes, but I find it ironic that the mirrorless camera is wider, taller, and heavier than the DSLR.

(I say ironic, because some mirrorless enthusiasts carry on about DSLRs being big, bulky, and heavy, compared to mirrorless.)

Oh come on now.  Mirrorless is a system, and as it develops, it covers a wider range of functionality....This camera is designed to be compatible with larger and heavier lenses from the four thirds series; it's built for heavy use; it has a top notch huge EVF and extremely fast focusing; and it is targeted at a pro or semi pro user.  If you wanted to compare apples with apples, you would be looking at a much higher level camera in Canon's line up, and I guarantee you it would be a heck of a lot bigger....

Plus, no matter what the body size of an M43 camera, the native lenses are ALL smaller and lighter than the ones for a comparable Canikon....

If you wanted a more appropriate comparison, you should look at, say, a G5 vs the SL1, instead....and even then, the lenses will be smaller....


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