The one thing that concerns me about the E-M1

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Re: Don't get your hopes up

Florida Nature Photographer wrote:

knickerhawk wrote:

It seems like with every new camera there's this bi-polar manic/depressive reaction that goes on in these forums about the image quality. "Oh my God! It's SO much better than X camera." Followed by: "Oh my God! You'd need a microscope to see any improvements over X camera." Rinse and repeat...

Will I need a microscope to see the difference if I upgrade from a Panasonic FZ200 bridge camera and my primary form of display is web sites such as Flickr and ipernity?

I have a budding interest in Night Photography.

I only shoot RAW and I am trying hard to improve my post processing skills in Lightroom.

No you will not need a microscope to see the differences.  I suspect you won't need a microscope to see the differences between the EM1 and the EM5, although they may be less pronounced than the differences between previous generation sensors and the one used in the EM5...

The differences between sensor performance between the camera you have and the EM1 (or EM5 for that matter) will be quite noticeable, especially as you work with the files.  Shadowed areas, images with high dynamic range, and images taken at higher ISOs are all going to show better detail, dimensionality, and less noise, and you WILL see the differences.  At base ISO, with lower DR images, you may not notice the differences as much, but as you work with your images, you will discover how much more information there is in the files from the current gen M43s than from your present camera.


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