How many GH3 owners considering OMD EM1

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Re: How many GH3 owners considering OMD EM1

Canadianguy wrote:

Why the question?

The GH3 is targeted to people who value video above stills in their camera.

The EM1 is not targeted to the samel crowd.

Different cameras for different market segments.

Gah, this thing needs to die. The GH3 is a very capable stills camera.

If that's not enough for you: I bought the GH3 over the E-M5 to replace a Nikon DX system. In a photography business.

Now, would I consider the E-M1?

It does have a lot of nice features, including controls that I'd very much prefer, and while everyone moans about the Olympus menus, I still prefer them over the Panasonic.

As a business however, I have to manage costs, and the extras of the E-M1 are probably not worth that money. I have better things to spend on.

If I get a few big jobs from now till the end of the year, that could change, but I will probably see what the GH5 brings first (past history suggests there won't be a GH4).

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