Been away for a while, now I remember why.

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Re: Been away for a while, now I remember why.

Let me just add one more thing, maybe this will let people see where I am coming from.  Attached is a favorite picture of mine.  I heard on the news that the Aurora Boreas were going to be hot that night, said all the way down into KY (where I am).  I packed up my medium format gear and drove an hour to a spot with little light pollution.  I hiked a couple miles to get to an overlook I really like arriving around midnight.  I could see just a faint bit of color in the night sky, so I climbed down some rocks and set up my camera best I could in the dark.  I locked the cable release and waited around that cold January night for 30 minutes then closed the shutter.  I then hiked the couple of miles back, drove an hour, and got home at some ungodly hour.  The next morning I mixed the chemicals for my Jobo E6 processor and processed that roll not really knowing what to expect.  It was a hail Mary shot.

Anyways, this is the picture.  Fast forward until a couple of weeks ago when I needed some info on a D600.  Most of what I find on here is people complaining that the 39 auto focus points are too close and some people have dust issues that show up best if they stop it down to 32 and take a picture of a gray sky, +1 over.  I have spent an hour setting up a shot with a 4x5, using focusing lopes and tilt, rise/fall, swing, and shift, I don't really see the huge deal with focus points that may be a little too close.  And yes I do understand not everyone shoots landscapes, but still.

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