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Stephcout wrote:

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I love to come here every few months to see what is new on the gear side of things

i know its mainly a gear forum but i just wanted to share a few pictures from the last few weeks, i have to say i am pretty impressed by the 5D3, i got rained on in the middle of Utah, the camera got hit a few times as i was climbing rock to get better position or view point and this thing is still working like its new, i love it.

Also for a few of those picture i started using 32 bit images (multiple exposure merge together as one

big tiff file) and i am really loving the extra Dynamic range it give.

Is this a function built into the 5D III? I'm not aware of it. I know about the builtin HDR mode.

My smartphone Bing Search page had this very same photo on it as the background image. This must be an iconioc location.

Very nice photos!

Well it not HDR but it's not too far, you basically take multiple shots with different exposure, 7 in this case and you merge them in Photoshop HDR pro as a 32 bit file, you export it right away to Lightroom, so you don't actually do any tone mapping like you would do for HDR shot. So instead of a 50 meg file you end up with a 280 meg tiff file with a all lot of information in it.

As far as this image yes it's a very popular place it's called Mesa arch if i remember well.

I hope this helps--

Fantastic photos. I went on your website and enjoyed them equally. I would like to try this technique sometime but only have PSE. I assume I need CS5 to have that setting.

What camera body did you use?



Thank you.

I am not sure what version of photoshop you need but I am using CS6 on my end. Also I have been using a 5D markIII for over a year now and I am loving it.

Thanks for looking at my stuff.

Thanks, based on all the replies many are impressed with your photos skills and post processing. I don't have a need to invest in CS6 and was hoping this can be done with other software.

I also have the 5D MIII. I am looking for a 2nd body and thinking of another MIII but tempted for the 1Dx. As you have shown there are other skills necessary for successful photographs! 

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