Would love PENTAX-A SMC 50mm f1.2 on a full frame!

Started Sep 9, 2013 | Discussions thread
robbo d Senior Member • Posts: 2,673
Kind of ironic........

I was filling in some time last night and read an article by ken Rockwell on film vs digital....gather many will have read it. I don't care much whether people regard him, but the principals about film are still ringing true with me.........we do have FF and it's called 35mm film and gazillions of still working cameras at rediculously cheap prices.

No laptops required, no battery chargers, chords, buying new software, waiting for the next model with an extra 4mp plus an enhanced sensor and processor, arguing over which brand is better, spending endless sums of money on upgrading to the latest model.....

I cut my teeth on film and find the discipline and techniques learnt mean I can still pick up a film SLR and get the same sort of results. 35mm translates to fairly high MP count and the detail recorded in film is still very good. Funny how some new film processing plants are re opening!!

Here is my SMC A 50mm f2 on my Kx.......works very nicely and there's something I like about manual focusing. It almost seemed my Kx performed better not having to worry about focusing the lens???

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