Would love PENTAX-A SMC 50mm f1.2 on a full frame!

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Re: Would love PENTAX-A SMC 50mm f1.2 on a full frame!

steephill wrote:

It performs very similarly to the other 50mm lenses apart from wide open of course where it has what can kindly be described as a "dreamy" quality. That is to say low contrast and resolution.

Hmmm, a little harsh. I agree with low contrast wide open, but resolution.... it depends...(read on)

The dreamy quality of the extreme aperture is "enhanced" by the low contrast and by the fact that brighter parts of the image show a halo, when the lens is used wide open or close to that.

Here's a full res pic of my little one with the smc-a 50 f/1.2

This is a moody lens, definitely a "she-lens". Haha! There are things it likes (read: low light) and things it doesn't, like shooting at f/1.2 in sunlight. There is so much glass in this puppy that it must be hard to control internal reflections - which is probably why it never got the star designation. I'm also pretty sure wide open performance was optimized for subjects at portrait distance, 3 to 4 feet away, not subjects 30 yards away (based solely on my experience). On paper it might not look that good - i can imagine it would flunk a resolution chart test.

The lens i have that most resembles the 50/1.2 is the FA 43 Limited, which is also accused of being unsharp wide open, with a moody rendering. The 50 is moodier, no doubt. From a technical aspect, the FA43 will out-class it already at f/1.9. But take them both for a spin and there's no denying that the 50/1.2 definitely has its charm, and some advantages too.

Anyway, if you close it down to a logical f/4ish, it becomes a very well behaved lens (sharp to the edges, contrasty...) with a nice "3D-pop".

SRS sold the last UK stock a few years ago at £400.

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