Future Trends for Canon and Nikon

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Future Trends for Canon and Nikon

Hey guys,

A little bit about myself:

I'm a current second year photography student with an engineering background. I'm very interested with the technologies and innovation side for the cameras. I am a Nikon shooter and have been using Nikon gears for about three years.

Current gears: D3200 + SB-910 + 70-200 f4 VRIII + 18-55 VR kit + other accessories like triggers, sync chords...etc

Gears I used to have: D7000 + 50mm f1.8D + 70-200 f2.8 VRII + 18-135mm kit.

English isn't my first language, so sorry in advance if I have made any spelling or grammatical mistakes. Also, please forgive me if I've got some of the details wrong.

What I want to know is what Canon and Nikon are heading in the future.

It feels like Canon and Nikon have a very different approach. Nikon is very traditional and Canon is relatively very innovative and care about their customers.

Why do I say that?

Well, If you look at recent years, Canon has made some really cool cameras full of new ideas. It also has realized there are more and more people shooting videos with dSLR:

1. hybrid CMOS sensor-Canon M series and 650D...etc

2. Dual pixel liveview focus-Canon 70D

3. World's smallest dSLR-SL1/100D

4. Touch screen and articulating screen-Canon 70D, 700D

5. New focus system- 1DX, 5D3, 6D

6. Built in wifi-Canon 70D

7. Canon 1D C for video shooters

8. Great point and shoot cameras

I know some of them don't really work, such as the hybrid sensor, but at least they are trying. With the new firmware update for the M series, it has greatly reduced the auto focus time. I mean perhaps the next one will works much better....or just use the dual pixel tech.

And when they made mistakes for their cameras, they soon admit their problems and recall them, repair them for free.

1. 5DIII light leak issue

2. 650D's grip turns white

Still supports old cameras as it recently-ish (as in within 6 months) made a firmware update for Canon 7D that is actually useful.

Now turns back to Nikon.

I really don't think Nikon has done anything new lately. Even the new cameras are just bits from other cameras and put them together. If you look at the new cameras: D7100, D3200, D5200, D600...etc they are just a smaller version of previous higher end models. Even the D7100 with its 1.3 drop mode is nothing new. You can find it in D2X, and that is an OLD camera. The high end 52 point auto focus system is pretty old as well. :/

It doesn't really support old cameras, such as D300s (although it makes a firmware update for the 800mm, which is useless for most people) and the camera Nikon makes in recent years are full of problems and took them awhile to admit them.

For example:

D7000-Back focusing issue

D600-Oil and dust on sensor

D800-left focusing issue

D4-tinted LCD screen

I am just worrying that Nikon might become a new "Kodak" for being too traditional. Canon doesn't only make cameras, it also makes printers, scanners, camcorders...etc. It realizes the new trends and follows it. However, Nikon is still focus on making the "photo cameras" and not so much on videos.

What do you guys think?

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