The one thing that concerns me about the E-M1

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Don't get your hopes up

Kwick1 wrote:

No, it's not video (I don't care about that at all)

It's just the basic photo quality.

I see the test shots, but have yet to see a low ISO photo that blows me away with the way it renders the scene, dynamic range, etc.

Relative to what? I don't think Oly is claiming to break in laws of physics with this body and since the EM-5 was already knocking on the door of ideal SNR for this sensor size, I wouldn't be getting my hopes up for meaningful (i.e., obviously visible at normal web viewing) improvements in what you're seeing.

It seems like with every new camera there's this bi-polar manic/depressive reaction that goes on in these forums about the image quality. "Oh my God! It's SO much better than X camera." Followed by: "Oh my God! You'd need a microscope to see any improvements over X camera." Rinse and repeat...

I can obviously see the acuity due to the lack of AA, I can see the high ISO samples (not anything life-changing, by the way), but I'm looking for the way the highlights roll off, the subtlety of tones, the graceful way it handles colors.

Ironically, I'm not seeing anything to get excited about with the purported better acuity due to removal of the AA filter. The resolution chart shot at IR shows very little difference when compared to the EM-5 and what's there looks unfavorable to the EM-1 in the form of increased aliasing. It kind of reminds me of the debates in the Nikon forum about the D800E vs the D800. Yeah, under ideal conditions (great lens and tripod mounted), you'll see a difference. For most real world applications though, the loss of the AA filter doesn't provide much to get excited about relative to a comparable camera with an already light AA filter.

The stuff about tones and colors is another opportunity for depression and disappointment if you really expect much of an improvement relative to the EM-5. (I'm assuming here we're talking about RAW and not JPEGs). The good news is that your processing is the real difference maker here anyway.

I'm not saying that it can't do it, it's just that I haven't seen any (especially since 90% of the photos out there were all taken at the same press event on a cloudy day).

You and I both will be pleasantly surprised if there's much of a visible improvement at low ISOs relative to the current generation of Oly cameras. On the other hand, let's not forget that the IQ we're going up against is already really quite high. Especially at low ISOs, the camera probably isn't the limiting factor. Let's not forget that better ergonomics, improved IBIS, AF enhancements and the fantastic looking new lens ARE worth getting excited about.

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