How many GH3 owners considering OMD EM1

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Bob Meyer Veteran Member • Posts: 5,375
Not me

This is the opposite of what you asked, but here are the reasons why I'm *not* buying the EM-1.

1.I hate Oly's menu system. It's overly complicated, completely illogical, and counter-intuitive, with settings for a given function scattered all over the mlenus.

2. I honestly don't see any significant advantages compared to the GH3.

a. Even if IQ measures better, the GH3 (and EM-5) are as good as I need for the work I do.

b. The size difference is trivial

c. I don't shoot a lot of sports or action any more, so the presumably "better" C-AF isn't of great importance to me. And I have no 4/3 lenses. Aside from that, C-AF on the GH3 is remarkably good. I'd say at least as good as my 50D, which means it's in the same range as any of the mid-range DSLRs, and significantly better than the OM-D. (Yes, I've owned both).

d. No built-in flash. I don't use it lot, but it's come in handy for fill on quite a few occasions. A couple of weeks ago I was taking pics of my 6 week old niece, outdoors under a big umbrella. A little fill made all the difference, and had I an OM-D I might not have had a flash with me.

4. No articulated LCD

5. Ergonomics are likely no better than the magnificent GH3, and maybe worse.

6. All of my mid-range to long lenses are stabilized.

7. I can think of other ways to spend $1400 (ore less) that will have a much bigger impact on my photography.

That said, the E-M1 looks like an excellent camera, and if I didn't already have a GH3 I'd certainly look at it seriously. I suspect I'd still have a real hard time getting past the menu system, though. If you already have Oly gear, and want to upgrade to a more professional body with better ergos, the EM-1 certainly merits consideration.

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