My shots with the Olympus OM-D EM-1; It's a rather fab camera!

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Re: Autofocus speed with PDAF?

For all of the shots of the horse cming at me, I used an old 4/3 Olympus 300mm f2.8, giving me a 600mm crop. These shots were good and I certainly got some keepers, but there were a fair few missed. Part of this is user error as a fast moving subject is hard to control with a 600mm, but part of it is also the old technology in the lens and the new body. Switching to the 75mm f1.8 M4/3, the focusing was always impeccable. As things stand, and with my limited experience (7-8 hours with the camera) I would hesitate in saying the camera would be a good choice for sports photography. The forthcoming 40-150mm f2.8 M4/3 Pro lens will most probably make it more than capable for kid's sports.

The E-M1 is so capable that I have no doubt it will gain a lot of users and as a result, I would think that more pro spec, longer lenses will get developed.

New Daddy wrote:

Thanks for sharing your experience and the photos. I'm very interested in the new camera. I have first-generation Panny m4/3s and had my eyes set on GX-7 for upgrade. But I think EM-1 has now become the contender for not only the upgrade but replacement for my Nikon.

I've kept my Nikon to shoot at kids' sports. As you probably know, m4/3 always fell a little short on locking focus on fast moving subjects, especially ones that move towards or away from you. That's the inherent shortcoming of CDAF. What was the AF like with hybrid-AF when you took shots of the horse? I see a sample on Flickr and it looks fiine. If EM-1 is helped by the PDAF to maintain focus on a horse, I think it will do fine at kids' sports. (Surely, my kids can't gallop as fast as a horse, I think. ^^ ) Did you have trouble tracking the horse as it moved towards you, rather than across the scene? Were the shots bracketed? Did you get a good yield?

Yes, this is a very specific question, but I hope it is something many others are also wondering about.

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