Goodbye to XZ-1

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Re: Goodbye to XZ-1

joe6pack wrote:

I think the reason you don't use the ND filter is because you don't shoot a lot of outdoor portraits.

True. I find the bright light outdoors as poor quality for portraiture. Too many shadows on the face. I try to get portraits in the subdued lighting after sunrise or before sunset therefore, no need for ND. ND comes in handy when trying to shoot motion with a blurry effect which requires lslower shutter speeds and in bright light that calls for smaller apertures, therefore a need for ND. With compacts, anything above F8 is begging for diffraction. The XZ-1 needs the ND filter because it's minimum aperture is F8 and I would hesitate to go that high for fear of a soft image. The RX100, having a larger sensor can go to F11 and therefore less need for ND filtration. Keep in mind, sensor size changes everything.

You really do need the ND filter when shooting during daytime at F2.5. Even 1/2000 shutter cannot coupe with the amount of light pouring on the sensor. At the long end, the XZ-1 has a DOF of about 1.5' for a subject that is 10' away. This is very good for half height portraits.

As for bokeh at wide end, it is only good for close subjects, e.g. flowers. Even smartphones can do that.

If I have time this weekend, I will try out some portraits with my NEX-3N. On paper, the kit lens will have deeper DOF than my XZ-1. While I can buy a better lens for bokeh, I am not willing to spend $$$ for a bigger, heavier lens and render my camera not portable.

I'm glad you brought this up. being the experimental type, I took my XZ-1 and RX100 out for a couple of test shots.

The setup is a tripod, equal distance for both cameras. both cameras set close to 100mm equiv. and at the widest aperture available for each camera at that FL. Exposures don't really matter here but please note the RX100 does a better job right out of the gate with Dynamic Range.

The XZ-1:

XZ-1  f2.5 ISO100 1/320 92mm equiv.

The RX100:

RX100  f4.9 ISO250 1/125 100mm equiv.

From these examples, I would have to judge the RX100 as having a slightly greater background blurring effect and a somewhat more dramatic Bokeh, although it's close.

The conclusion one may draw is that the XZ-1 is indeed, not superior in the DOF department and the Bokeh is no more pleasant than the FX100 with is slower lens at approximately the same focal length.

Additionally, the RX100 blows the XZ-1 out of the ballpark in detail and sharpness, in this example.

Your thoughts.

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