XF1 Screen just went ... who else has that problem

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Re: XF1 Screen just went ... who else has that problem

tombell1 wrote:

Sent it off to Fuji ... after 6m ... for no reason screen went .... who else if anyone has had this problem

I recall your reporting about this anomaly (link) a week back.  At that time, I think it was an occasional matter; did it become "prmanent" since then?

The on/off switch for the camera has to be mechanical, on the lens mount.  But the switch for the screen must be separate and electronic, because (as you know) playback can be initiated with the button on the rear of the XF1 without turning on the camera's other functions.  It sounds as if the electronic switch has a bad connection somewhere.  Good luck with the repair; I'm sure that it will be returned good as new, because either it is fixed, or it isn't:  no chance of the Fujifilm repair facility thinking that the problem is fixed if it is not.

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