The one thing that concerns me about the E-M1

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Kwick1 wrote:

No, it's not video (I don't care about that at all)

It's just the basic photo quality.

I see the test shots, but have yet to see a low ISO photo that blows me away with the way it renders the scene, dynamic range, etc.

I can obviously see the acuity due to the lack of AA, I can see the high ISO samples (not anything life-changing, by the way), but I'm looking for the way the highlights roll off, the subtlety of tones, the graceful way it handles colors.

I'm not saying that it can't do it, it's just that I haven't seen any (especially since 90% of the photos out there were all taken at the same press event on a cloudy day).

Many of the samples I've seen have weird sharpening artifacts (despite being OOC JPGs) and blotchy colors.

We'll see in 3 weeks, I suppose, but it has me concerned.

I was a bit skeptical on real improvements of E-M1 over other m4/3 for IQ, and in fact I think in the ISO 200-3200 range there's little more room that, say, an E-M5: but then I saw the ISO 100 (A.K.A. LOW) on Imaging Resource Comparometer ( the difference with other ISO is there, see for instance the difficult red leafed fabric on the left side of the image. It is a great improvement if you plan to shoot at that speed.

Hope this helps.


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