How's the Olympus EP-11 eyecup? For OMD EM5.

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Re: How's the Olympus EP-11 eyecup? For OMD EM5.

-I wear fairly thick specs and prefer the EP-11 over the standard eyecup- for better EVF shielding and because the extended cup cuts down inadvertent LCD/EVF display switching when framing photos on the LCD or reviewing settings on Super Control Panel. (-Still best to shut off auto-switching when framing at waist level against/near your body-)  I have to press against the EP-11 lightly to see the corners of the frame.

-The EP-11 does mark up coatings on my specs but not to a big degree i.e. it'll be time for new glasses  before markup becomes a problem. This could be a bigger issue for someone shooting in dustier conditions than mine or for someone shooting high volumes of images.

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