The one thing that concerns me about the E-M1

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Re: The one thing that concerns me about the E-M1

It's very early yet to evaluate what the sensor is capable of, I wouldn't worry too much. Remember that no matter whose work you're looking at, they're either all in-camera JPEGs or they're quickly processed raw files using Olympus Viewer. What you're seeing, then, is mostly some Olympus engineering team's notion of what is the best rendering ... which, while it might be fine 80% of the time, is rarely very satisfying to me.

Once other image processing tools are available (Lightroom, ACR, Phase One, Iridient, etc) a great deal more diversity will be apparent. And then the photographer learning curve will also weigh in ... I can get great results with LR on many cameras, but I haven't a clue how to get what Iwant out of Olympus Viewer.

I have no worries that the sensor isn't capable enough for my needs/desires. My order is in, and I figure, like with any of my cameras, it will take me a couple months of studied work (once LR is available to process its files) to learn how to exploit what the sensor is capable of.

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