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To understand and tolerate differences

Kendunn wrote:


Why is it still everyone is po'ed about video on still cameras? It's a natural progression. Geeezzzz its not like they put an mp3 player, gps, or camera on your phone or anything. And people are still going back and forth about sensor size. I thought we put that to rest in the early 90's when Velvia came out and the medium format people swore 4x5 was now useless while the 35mm people were saying the same thing about medium format.


I have read similar complains in the years I participate of these forums.

IMHO most of people looks lost two very important points: to understand and tolerate differences.

There is people very interested in Photography, mainly the result, usually in the printed form in a magazine, book or hanged in the wall. They look for, above all, Esthetics. It looks logical, they are Photographers and proud of that! Although not so obvious, most of the people here in these forums are interested mainly in equipment. Hardware, software and sometimes some photographic technique en passant. Two different breed of people. No one is right or wrong, only different. It is very difficult to find “pure” breed – most of the people are a mix in different proportions of each…

To add some confusion in this mix, it looks me most people focused on equipment try to justify their position using Photography as an “excuse” for his or her taste. Apparently they are afraid to admit her or his interest is on pixel peeping and gimmicks on equipment. Perhaps because it would be more difficult to justify to themselves the time and money spent (not invested, please!!). To this people I would stress there is nothing wrong to like pixel peeping and gimmicks. There is nothing wrong even to dislike Photography. It is your time and your money…

The second point looks me the lack of tolerance. Photographers cannot understand or accept how can exist people “losing” money and time for something so “mundane” as equipment per its own reason of existence. Equipment fans cannot accept how some people cannot understand the “Poetry” embedded into screws, glass and software!

Bottom line:there are Photography centered people and equipment centered one. They have different emphasis. The root for most of the confusion is both advocates they are “Photographers”…

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