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To All Who responded...

THANKS! (for responding and for the nice remarks)

I only post images in C&C that I have uncertainty about, and I have learned a lot from your comments. With this one, I was trying to capture the magical feeling I had when in the cypress forest alone at sunrise (despite the mosquitos), and I was unsure about the tree, the half-hidden bridge and of course always unsure about the processing.It sounds like from your feedback that maybe I'm on the right track. It does look a little like Tolkien in there, as Roel noted. I have a decent eye for spotting some of this stuff, but figuring out how to best compose and post process it are ongoing learning experiences. Fixxxer is right that I should've shot some portrait versions, usually I remember to do that (i did on some of the other scenes I got that morning). Guess I just got carried away with that light, it happens.

Probably won't be participating much the next few weeks while I ramble around between Yellowstone and the New England area. May not have much internet access.


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