How to Read Exposure on the X-cameras!!!

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Re: Only Aperture & Shutter Time Determine Exposure

The data he gives in that post certainly seem to say that the exposure in the X-E1 is pretty close, are pretty compelling. He certainly set up some good experiments, with the incident light and all!

I don't really know how to resolve that with what I did, which was more empirical. I just took shots of the same scene with a couple of different cameras, and adjusted shutter speed to give the same subjective exposure in the photos, with aperture and ISO the same, and it seemed the X-E1 underexposed by pretty close to a stop. But, it is entirely possible I did something wrong, or that my approach was not valid.

Really, the only reason I care is that I get very acceptable pictures even at '6400', depending on the context, so another stop of ISO would be great. If '6400' is really 3200, then is seems Fuji could recalibrate things and give me another stop of ISO!

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