Its official. Oly AF sucks!

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Re: CDAF has little to no bearing for the current converters.

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Now, the PDAF of the EM-1 has no cross sensors. Focusses on vertical lines only, which is the wrong choice in my opinion. Focus and pan on a running horse or dog or flying bird or car and try to find stable vertical contrasts.

So I expect the PDAF performance to be below an years old entry level DSLR. These had no cross sensors and focussed on horizontal lines only.

Today all entry level DSLRs have at least some cross sensors.
Also there must be a reason why they dont use PDAF-S-AF for native MFT lenses.

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Its good to know the limitations. Because endless possibilities are inside and outside are no possibilities.

CDAF is used on M4/3s lenses because PDAF on sensor has only recently become available.

Also, given how good Olympus CDAF implementation is, I'm not at all concerned about their PDAF implementation, and would recommend we wait until we see some actual tests done.

I know for a fact it has no issues panning with a running horse though.

As this is a 4/3 forum with people moving over to the E-M1 with 4/3 glass ( note I said E-M1 and not m4/3) , the major reason for the move is to use 4/3 glass otherwise they would have left long ago. I think the PDAF focus is of major concern to people here CDAF is low on the list of prioroties for these people who are moving. If this camera did not have an implementation of PDAF we would probably have seen a E-7.

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Sorry, should have been more clear. I wasn't saying I didn't care about the PDAF. I was saying I am fairly confident (as in not worried) that Olympus can get excellent performance from the PDAF system (though perhaps not with the first generation).

Quite frankly, what they've achieved with CDAF is incredible, compared to what I was anticipating prior to trying the E-M5.'s gear's gear list
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