Its official. Oly AF sucks!

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I would be absolutely shocked...

PerL wrote:

esco wrote:

Pentax, Sony, Olympus id say they're all pretty similar in AF performance. Its easy to think of Olympus as only being sub-par but the af-modules and lens motors on the above brands aren't too hot either!
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The AF-C on the Canon and Nikon prosumer models has constantly been better than those from competing models from other brands like Pentax, Olympus or Sony. They probably use the experience they have from the pro series. They put in more resources on AF R&D and have better know-how.

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I would be absolutely shocked (stunned really) if Canon or Nikon had better autofocus on their price competitive DSLRs than Sony.

Admittedly, I know nothing about Pentax. But, with regard to Olympus, they've been out of the mirror box market for a while, and it's well-known that the on sensor PDAF isn't up to the speed of the dedicated PDAF sensor yet, so it's absolutely no surprise that Canon or Nikon would beat out a two year old true DSLR by Olympus.

But Sony is still producing true DSLRs, and, like I said, I'd be shocked if you have any evidence of either Canon or Nikon having better autofocus.

I don't have the resources to do a comparison between all these DSLRs myself, but I've tried many, many lower end cameras from all these manufacturers, and I've been consistently surprised by how much better Sony performed than CaNikon on similarly priced cameras. My bias against these well-established brands isn't whim. I just fail to understand why people are continually making these claims with seemingly no evidence to back it up.

I've said many times before that there are many manufacturers, Sony included, that would do at least as well as CaNikon if they have the resources to enter an already flooded DSLR market. The problem is, there's really not much money in it unless your name is Canon or Nikon because they have all the market share (not due to innovation or quality but because they were here first).

That's why cameras like micro 4/3 are so interesting. This is where all of the innovation is taking place and where it will continue to.

So, in summary, please provide any evidence backing up your assertion that either Canon or Nikon has better autofocus, on similarly priced and spec'd DSLRs, than an active (as of 2013) DSLR producer (i.e. with mirrors). I'm specifically interested to see a comparison with Sony, which I believe is the most innovative (and with the most resources) of the DSLR producers.

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