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Donald Chin
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Re: Olympus E-M1 or …

Donald Chin wrote:

As a M4/3 user, I asked a similar question on Micro 4/3 forum, and some replies were, quite understandably, just a little bit biased

So I would like to rephrase the question a bit:

- If you are on the market for a new camera,

- and you are not yet “married” to a particular lens system,

- and you are considering Olympus E-M1, what other camera would you buy if Olympus did not come up with the E-M1? In other words, what cameras does E-M1 compete with?

Thank you!

At its price, I don't see it can compete with any larger sensor cameras in the market.

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So buying a D4 or a D800E is just folly? The D600 can be had at a fraction of their price and the sensor is the same size, so...

So you think D4 and D800E are competing with D600 in the same market segment?

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